Mounting your pole

You will need 2 mounts, on mast to use and on boat to store.  Below are some alternatives.  Note that we do NOT supply any of these as there are too many alternatives and variations.  Our specialty is poles and so we focus on that.

Mast mount

1) Mast Ring(s):mast ring

This is the simplest and least expensive solution.  This type of ring is available at most chandleries and on-line.  Consider the curvature of the front of your mast and get one that matches.  Next thing is to figure out how high to mount it.  Typically you want your pole to be horizontal when in use.  Therefore, test your boat with the pole mounted on the genoa to determine where the mast fitting should be.  The exception to this is with rough seas and/or gusty winds.  In this case, the pole is ideally mounted higher on the mast, pointing down towards the genoa clew, with the windward side genoa sheet pulled snugly to create a V-shaped brace that helps hold the genoa clew in position and stops it from bouncing.  In order to do this, a second fixed ring mount will be needed.  The alternative is a 3-point mount described in the How to use tab.

2) Mast track with manual car:

mast car

Adding a track (1″ for smaller boats, 1.25″ for larger boats) enhances your flexibility to adjust your pole height as needed.  Also, the front of some masts are not conducive to a ring.  As above, determine the optimal height you need, with your genoa out fully and with your genoa partially furled.  See how high you can reach and how low you may want to put it (slide down mast for tacking or storage).  Measure twice, drill once, beware that your halyards and mast wiring may be right where you are drilling.

3) Mast track with line control:

Elaborate line control mast mount systems are also available from chandleries but will end up costing you more than the cost of the pole.  These are slick, allow the pole to be permanently attached to the mast ring, enable you to hoist this ring up high on the mast with lines and turning blocks, and then snap in the bottom end.  These are highly recommended when you have a large, heavy, unwieldy pole.


There are a very wide range of alternatives for mounting your whisker pole when it is not in use.  The simplest solution is clipping one end on a shroud and setting the forward end at the bow.  A step up from that would be to hang a bungie cord on your bow pulpit to hold the forward end of the pole.  Other official solutions are available for stantion mounting brackets.  Deck chocks are also available but cluttering your deck with a tripping hazard and result in holes in your fiberglass, therefore not recommended.

mount clip           mount ring

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