Why do I need a Whisker Pole?

Sail down wind

Hold your genoa out reliably when you are on a down wind run.  If you are rolling up or taking down your genoa and motoring on a broad reach or run, then this is what you really need to be able to use the wind at these points of sail.

P1020081           P1010780


Holding your genoa out reliably and securely will stop your sail from flogging/flapping which can cause your boat to lurch forward or roll when it fills up.  Sail flat, smoothly, and safely with this pole.  Also, due to it’s design and light weight, it can be mounted very easily and quickly by almost anyone,

Extend the life of your sails

Every time your sail fills and flaps, the fibers in the fabric are being stressed and wearing out your sail prematurely.

Sail faster

Outrun boats that are 10′ longer when you have a whisker pole and they don’t.  It’s amazing how much faster your boat will sail when you hold the genoa out fully thereby catching a lot more wind.  A must for racers but also great for cruisers.

pole on Kirie32           P1010778

Save fuel

Why be forced to start a noisy engine/motor when you can enjoy sailing, that is why we all bought sailboats isn’t it?

We are in the Toronto area, and proudly Canadian.  Buy your whisker pole from us.