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Start by sending us an email at

We’d also like to know what kind of boat you have and what kind of sailing you do so we can make sure you are buying the right pole.  Please refer to “SELECT a Pole“.


If you include your location and/or yacht club in the email above, we can see if you know someone locally with one of these great poles.  This allows you to see it in action and get a first hand review from a fellow sailor.  Most of our sales are based on word of mouth recommendations.

Our shop is not set-up for retail browsing but if you would like to inspect the pole before buying, we can definitely accommodate you.


Contact us at to check inventory levels, confirm pole size is right for you, and arrange details for pickup.

Pickup is from our shop in Scarborough, just south of the 401 during regular working hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Special arrangements can be made for evening or weekend pickup in Toronto.  Even outside of the GTA, contact us, we may know someone who is driving in your direction.


Couriers – It is possible to ship these poles but due to their length we cannot use regular couriers like Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, UPS.  Only commercial trucking companies will transport these long packages so the costs are high.  We also need special packaging to make sure they don’t get damaged in transit.

Examples – Relatively short haul (Hamilton, Barrie, Cobourg) are over $100.  Longer distances like Atlantic and BC are typically over $200.  Some other locations in Canada are coming in with crazy costs of nearly $500.  Costs are going up and down significantly and we are hoping that they will stabilize at a reasonable level soon.  Since COVID shipping costs to the USA have been outrageous but please do contact us and we will see if some sanity has come back to trucking prices.

Multiple poles – Most times we can ship 2 or even 3 poles for only about $50 more than a single pole.  So instead of a $200 shipping fee yourself, you share $250 shipping fee and save $75 each.

Timing – With the current volatility in shipping costs, we can only guarantee the shipping quote for 2 weeks (ie we would need to ship your pole within 2 weeks of when you receive the quote). If you’d like to order later then we will need to get an updated shipping quote (which is not a problem, just may be a different amount).

Creative solutions – If you cannot make it to Toronto or Scarborough, please contact us anyway at and we can see if other creative solutions are available.  I have in the past put 3 people from the same club in contact with each other and they shared a single shipment.

Other things you need:

We carry only whisker poles.  We do not carry mast cars, mast rings, tracks, deck chocks, stantion mounts, etc.  Please refer to the “MOUNTING your pole” tab for more information about these things.

We are in the Toronto area, and proudly Canadian.  Buy your whisker pole from us.