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Make downwind sailing safer, easier, and faster

Make downwind sailing safer, easier, and faster

SOLD OUT.  New stock expected MAY 2020

Please note that we had supplier issues which meant that nice round Canadian aluminum pipe and end fittings were not available for more than 6 months.  Those problems have been resolved and we are building more poles which are on schedule to be completed before the end of May 2020.  Place your orders now.


Do you hate sailing down wind or on a broad reach?
Do you take down the sails or roll them up and turn on the motor?
Do you want to avoid investing a lot of money into a DRS or spinnaker and then have to store this sail bag somewhere and take 10-20 minutes to rig it with lines etc?

Here is a great alternative to all of that.  Make the most of your genoa by:

  • stretching it out
  • holding it securely
  • catching more wind

Why our pole:

  • great balance of strength, weight, and durability
  • deploys in seconds
  • stores easily and out of the way on lifelines
  • much stronger than twist lock
  • much less expensive than line control
  • made in Canada

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